Survival Crusader is best suited for those who embrace the warrior-like sheepdog mentality. Our intentions is to be resourceful for people dedicated to being educated and prepared to survive any sort of disaster with an emphasis on various SHTF scenarios. By covering topics regarding our own personal preparations and contingency plans to survive whatever the future may bring. We offer a unique approach from the Survival & Preparedness guidance being given elsewhere.

If you’re interested in learning, preparing or sharing knowledge related to survival, self-sufficient living, firearms, bug out gear, teotwawki (the end of the world as we know it), shtf (sh*t hit the fan) scenarios, doomsday, living off the grid, post apocalyptic life, economic collapse and the like we hope you’ll join us in our adventure of developing this site.

Unlike what you might have seen on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, we here at Survival Crusader strongly believe that mental preparedness is a key to survival in any disastrous situation. Ultimately we believe that survival is more what lives in your heart and soul, and not so much determined by how much food supply or cool tactical gear you have (although having those things is always a plus.)

Chances are most people will see some type of disaster in their lifetime, and many of us fear that the general public is vulnerable to living without the everyday necessities if a major catastrophic event took place. Thanks to Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike, I’ve personally seen first hand not only what disasters can do, but also how unprepared most people are!

We’re not here to urge people to prepare for an economic collapse, polar shift, flu pandemic or things of that nature. Although we’re very open-minded to the possibilities of all types of disasters, we stress that people prepare for the most likely disaster first, and then advance your preparations from there to your liking.