Preppers: Can’t Afford To Prep?

Afford to prep

So today a good friend of mine who I’ve mentioned references to a few times here in various other threads was talking with me about some of the recent gun legislation proposals when we drifted off into topics related to prepping. To get everybody up to speed, this guy is literally about the only person I know in real life that I’ll consider a real friend, everybody else is just associates. Dull, boring life huh? Anyways, being that he has been such a good friend over the course of many years of knowing him and working on the same jobs together I’ve occasionally attempted to introduce him to some basic preparedness & survival ideologies.

I suppose he never really took much on the idea of prepping but firearms was something of quite interest to him. He had been planning to make a purchase on a “assault rifle” for quite some time now but was just waiting for the right opportunity to afford it. And now with the recent crazy buying frenzy of semi-autos, magazines, and ammo I think he’s feeling he has missed the opportunity. Maybe he has? Needless to say, I don’t talk about prepping to many people I know or work with but guns itself is a popular topic amongst good ole Texas boys and he has heard me many times tell people who was discussing eventually purchasing certain firearms to get them why they still can. I gave that same warning to this friend and now he realizes that I was right about something.

Evidently some of the friends that he has met & known for a while now thru his wife happens to be preppers at least from his definition. Long story short after all the prepper talk I said to him, “so are you ready to start prepping? you’re already behind the curve!” He replies, “everybody I know is starting to prep, but I can’t afford to prep on this low 40-50 hour a week job.” Now implying to me that me & him both need to go get a 60+/hr week job suggesting we go work a plant shutdown I had to set him straight and say, “there is people prepping who live off of disability, you can always afford to prep!”

People who say they can’t afford to prep are just using that as an excuse to not do it. I honestly believe this guy really would like to better prepared, doesn’t everybody? I think what is more common amongst people who fail to ever start prepping some even the slightest extent is they think its difficult or don’t really know where to begin. Maybe people are even intimidated by those that have been prepping for a long time and really don’t fully grasp the concept that they didn’t acquire all that they have over night.

Every single American citizen that has some type of income can afford to prep! Each and every one of us indulge our money in something we can easily live without and can do it without feeling we’ve sacrificed anything. It’s in our culture to spend money on things that really aren’t important and could easily live without.

Of course some people with have a better budget than others but something is always better than nothing and its never to late to start focusing on better establishing yourself for unforeseen disasters.


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