Bug Out Bag For Kids

Bug Out Bags

What are some ideas to put in the bug out bags you’ve made for your children?

I try to the think of the weight of the bag so I think 1 20oz water bottle and maybe a capri sun or 2 is enough for an elementary aged child.
Fun snacks like the individual bags of gold-fish, oreo’s or something similar
Of course a 1 change (shirt and pants) of clothes appropriate for the season.
But I do an extra pair of underwear and socks.
Something fun, a children’s book maybe some go-fish playing cards.
Something comforting like a baby doll (careful some baby dolls are heavy) or toy truck or w/e
A simple flashlight, they might can use their flashlight to help you. Kids love helping.
One of my worst fears is for my kids to be lost, I think a whistle and education on the appropriate time to use would make me feel better.

Got any more ideas, please share because I have 7yr old and a 4yr old.

And if you need the actual bag for your kids I found these:

Here’s a much more expensive kids hiking bag but has a frame which will add a lot of comfort to carrying the weight.
http://gearx.com/kelty-jr-tioga-2050.html?feed=5_Base_61725 (for ages 5-13)

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