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Prepping Advice

Prepping Advice On Buying Prepper Items

Buy Once, and by that I mean if you’re visiting this site obviously you’ve got some capability to utilizing the world-wide web to your advantage. Whether it be guns, tactical gear, or other types of preparedness items you really should take the time to research it thoroughly by reading reviews and seeing what others have to say about products you’re considering putting your hard-earned dollars towards.

Not saying we all haven’t made poor investment choices but surely others have made the same mistakes already and those mistakes we can learn from beforehand when possible.

It is true that some of the top quality products are much more expensive and in such cases there is generally a lot of much cheaper alternatives. In some cases that type of item might be a total waste until you can afford that higher quality product and in other cases there may be highly recommended product that fits into your budget. Just in example I can think of dozens if not 100s of $100 products of certain category that I’d only invest my money just from my own research of such products.

The reason behind this post is I frequently encounter people who come to me for advice on certain things and other times I have people tell me I just purchased this and I quickly think to myself how I wish they would’ve consulted with me first because I would’ve attempted to talk them out of wasting their money on it. I’m no expert on anything but when people are coming to me for advice I think it’s safe to assume they don’t have a better source for it.

Some people who do come to me aggravate me when they ask for prepping advice but don’t like me telling them what they don’t want to hear. It amazes me somebody will ask me if this product is good, I will tell them no, they’ll then defend it with something they read elsewhere and buy the product anyways. Then a few weeks later they’ll run into me again and tell me how they should have listened to me in the first place.

This goes 2 ways as well, sometimes the most expensive item isn’t the best or perhaps maybe it is the best but the price variant doesn’t dictate spending the extra cash very well making one of the lesser expensive products being the best bang for your buck. This kind of prepping advice is exactly why I’m preaching research so that you yourself can learn of this.

Over the course of time I’ve made my own bad selections in wasting money on something that I should spent a little more on. Some examples that quickly come to mind are cheap tools, knives, camping equipment, and scopes. But I suppose as mentioned above I’ve somewhat learned from those mistakes and currently there is a handful of things that I yet cannot afford yet I’ve already got years of experience researching them. With that said I believe when possible it’s best to do your research before you intend to obtain when possible or else you end up buying on impulse alone.

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