Crime During WROL Scenarios

WROL Looting Aftermath

The Collapse Of Society With Crime Rampant In WROL Scenarios

Right off the bat if you’ve never heard the term WROL it stands for (Without Rule Of Law) and is frequently used to describe scenarios in which the police no longer patrol in a total loss of government structure. As most of you know I’m not an expert on any of the topics we discuss here, and most of them are mere fascination but there are few things that I strongly feel that I’ve got a better sense of what to anticipate than the common perception I’ve seen within those interested in survival/prepping topics. These few things are things I like to highlight the most with my contributions simply because my confidence in accuracy is extremely high and in general I’m against sharing bad intel.

Let’s begin with a short clarification of a WROL scenario which is basically a situation in which it’s every man for himself without the protection or enforcement generally provided by the common services that we’re used to such as police, ems and firefighters. A somewhat recent example of such a situation for some could be the direct aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in a place such as New Orleans. Surely you’ve seen footage of the looting and all the lawless criminal activity taken place immediately after the disaster.

Now for example purposes I want to highlight a few things about the Katrina situation:

The WROL event was temporary in which people should have known that law & order would be restored within weeks. Imagine what it’d been like if people believed it would take months, years or more before law & order had been restored. Common sense tells me that would result even more people taking advantage of the situation.

I also get the impression that people believe that those during this time committing crimes was the common criminals with extensive criminal records. While I’m sure all those common criminals was out in full swing taking advantage of the situation I think many would be surprised if it could be proven that some of those carrying big screen tv’s down flooded streets stolen from the local pawn shop had no prior criminal record.

Now I have no way to prove it, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that many examples of this existed. Why? Because sadly our population consist of very bad people that hide among the good, which I’ll cover more on further down. There is probably some sort of complex mathematical equation to prove this but I’ll break it down into simplified terms, the more likely a person can get away with something the more likely they are to do something.

Poor calculations predicting WROL:

I often read about predictions of just how bad the world would be with the current population of criminal minded people within our society running rampantly wild with little to zero fear of being held accountable. First off in current times there is already a significant amount that this applies to and take away law & order and the multiplier is horrendously spooky. People are frightened by the amount gangs, drug dealers, robbers, rapist and all other imaginable criminals known to existence.

This is mere speculation on my part but I really get the impression that despite people’s ability to acknowledge the existence of such criminals people in general grossly underestimate just how many actually fall into this category. The reasons behind this miscalculation are simple, people base their calculations on facts with what they know from the amount of information given but the cold hard truth is for every crime you’re made aware the ones unknown to you could be multiplied by a seemingly near infinite number and would still fall short of reality.

Hidden variables:

I work in the industrial construction industry and a significant (very large) amount of those that work with me are to some extent or the other are former outlaws, dope heads, gang members, convicted felons etc. I for one fit into some of those categories as well, which is how I base the following assumptions as accurate predictions. While we may have lots in common regarding past history I find myself around a lot of people with very different ideas of right and wrong. These guys go to work everyday, work hard to support their families yet they don’t frown upon that old alternative lifestyle like I do.

Just to get a sense of what I’m talking about I still see lots of gang affiliated tattoos whether it be common street gangs, Mexican mafia, or swastika’s so I can’t help but assume that regardless of current status these people still support what I consider to be radical ideologies. They can bring out brand new port-o-cans to the job and within the week it’ll be covered with racial slurs and gang graffiti.

Not a doubt in my mind and actually I can say with a 100% certainty that some of these people still partake in criminal activity but for the most part having a good paying job given the circumstances of completely screwing up a portion their lives deters these people from continuing with illegal activities. Problem is this may one day be taken away from these people and I believe most of them will go back to old ways of criminal involvement especially in a worst case scenario.

Then there is the buddy fucker’s:

Buddy fucker, one of the few military terms that I still use simply because it’s so fitting for the definition. For those unaware of the term basically a buddy fucker is a person that screws his or her buddies over. We all know these kind of people and I find such people to be less focused on what’s right or wrong and more focused on what they can actually get away with.

While the examples of actions of these people you know might be small mundane things I think the fact a person is willing to screw a friend over for personal gains says a lot about the person’s character. These are the kind of people that will fall into the category of people not formerly criminals but quick take advantage of new things they can now get away with. This is the example of bad people that hide among the good and its those small mundane things that reveal warning signs about an individual that shouldn’t be ignored. No doubt in a WROL Scenario the worst will come out the best of us.

Self taught victim of circumstance educated by experience while operating on observation. A mere product of what society has crafted me to be.