Criminal Activity Expectations Post Disaster

Criminal Activity Wolf in sheep's clothing.

Criminal Activity in a Post-SHTF World

I really like term Wolf for the bad people but I’m not so sure that when people think of these wolves they aren’t really taking into full consideration on the wolves might actually be. In general I think some people have an overly exaggerated fear of the wolf while most others either dangerously underestimate the capability of a wolf or even worse what kind of people will turn wolf in the event of a disaster. In a Post-SHTF World you can expect criminal activity from people who ordinarily are law abiding citizens. Disasters bring out the worst in everybody!

So just who would I consider a wolf?

Any person willing to commit an act morally or legally wrong out of either selfishness, greed, and general lack of caring and/or respect of others. In present times we think of these people as the criminals, convicts, felons, and the many other shady characters that part of our society.

Now that we’ve identified who the wolves are I think it’s really important to put some thought into what wolves are actually capable of because that is something I feel is grossly underestimated. Obviously not all wolves are violent criminals, they’re just criminals after all a robber is only worried about stealing your big screen tv and not cutting your throat at night. More or less this true, there is a lot of non violent criminals who engage in criminal activity and attempt to avoid any kind of violent confrontation at all cost.

Even your traditional non violent criminals especially the ones who fear consequences of being caught the most can and will commit a violent act if it helps them get away. For example, a robber runs up snatches a woman’s purse begins to run away, a good Samaritan chases down the robber and the robber shoots and kills the good Samaritan. From the criminal’s standpoint it was a survival instinct with survival meaning doing whatever means necessary to not get caught.

Now onto the wolves, the would be criminals that will rise up in the event of disaster. In addition to you’re already existing low criminal thugs, during a disaster you’ll find that normal everyday hard-working people left unprepared are now having to commit criminal acts just to survive. I’d like to take a minute to share a real true life example of this. I knew of a person who stayed here during Hurricane Rita while significantly being unprepared to do so and soon after the storm passed this person made the decision to go to local gas station and attempt to break-in and steal some small propane tanks that was stored outside the store’s front door in order to cook food for his family. In the process of breaking into this outside bottle rack he was caught by heavily armed police in full tactical gear. Luckily for him I do believe the police let him leave without the propane, but had they¬†detained & arrested them and that would’ve left his family including kids fending for themselves for quite some time.

In the time’s of disaster there will be many people just like the person above I described and most of them will know that getting caught will mean they won’t be coming home to their family which may include small children or even a baby. People in this situation can and will likely take part in whatever criminal activity it takes to survive even if it comes down violence.

Not only must we prepare to the best of our abilities so that we don’t become such a person in the event of a disaster but we also must be prepared to deal with those who do turn wolf.

Self taught victim of circumstance educated by experience while operating on observation. A mere product of what society has crafted me to be.