Diamondback DB9 Pocket Pistol

So as yall all know I’ve been working out-of-town and since then I’ve come to the realization that I needed a smaller pistol. I stay in the cheapest and sleaziest hotel in the area because I like to be able to bank some of that extra per diem money and when I go home from the weekend I don’t like having my pistol packed away in my suitcase when I come back to the hotel late at night in the middle of crack town.

I’ve always kept a pocket knife in my pocket and when a person of questionable nature was seen approaching I’ve always reacted simply by placing my hand in my pocket and placing it on the knife just in case. Doing so can be done without raising any alarms and I like it that way. I’m a very tall and slender guy that doesn’t wear excessive loose clothing which leaves my options for concealment limited.

Anyways I just purchased one of these Diamondback DB9’s the other day and hopefully I can post some pics next time I go back home.

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