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    Participant router setup tutorial illustration are generally TP-LINK routers, some small partners are not very router settings. And some still can’t open the page. Here Xiaobian will share the router settings process. Look at how to install the

    [url=http://routerproduct.com/infotech/Huawei_Outdoor_Ap_Ap8030Dn.html]Huawei Outdoor Ap Ap8030Dn[/url] we use most or just use the cat and the router and computer connection, common router installation and connection is very simple, the first is the outside pull in cable connected to the interface in the cat’s phone line, then another line from the WAN port link to another port router and the cat, as shown below:

    and finally the cable to the router LAN port is connected to the computer, so as to complete our most common router installed, schematic diagram as follows:

    then open your laptop, you find the signal emitted by the router (usually you near it, it is full of lattice, If you find out, you can try to turn off the wireless router to open up, to decide which of the wireless link is your), and then connect it, note that you are even on the radio but still can not access the Internet, as shown below: then open the browser! Then enter in the browser! After entering the carriage, the login window appears, and the default login password is admin. If you can’t wait, you can check the instructions or the instructions behind the router to check the password!! if your cannot be opened, if it is a wireless router, you can use the mobile browser to connect to WiFi [url=http://routerproduct.com/infotech/Huawei_Ma5603_Ip_Dslam_In_Stock.html]Huawei Ma5603 Ip Dslam In Stock[/url] and then enter Because it was solved before!! Recommended reading: router address do not get into, how to do?

    after entering, click “Settings Wizard”! Then click on the next step, and then click on the recommended way to access the internet! Clicking on the next step will detect your online environment!!

    Wizard provides the three most common internet access options. They are: PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial-up), dynamic IP (Ethernet Broadband, automatic access to IP address from network service provider), static IP (Ethernet Broadband, network service provider to provide fixed IP address). Please choose according to the actual situation, we dial PPPOE as an example to set. Select PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial) the next step.

    , and then enter your broadband account and password!! And then click on the next step!! , and then set your WiFi, here set up wireless, set SSID (that is, your wireless network) can enter their own numbers or letters, for multiple wireless routing differentiation. The channel is optional, the mode defaults. and then click on the next “ ” then, routing will automatically restart, your wireless network connection at this time will be off, you just find the settings of the SSID account name, password input connection, you have completed the wireless [url=http://routerproduct.com/infotech/Low_Cost_Ip_Dslam_Huawei_Ma5603.html]Low Cost Ip Dslam Huawei Ma5603[/url] settings, you can the Internet, as shown below:

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