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    More shooters advancing towards station #2
    I got a chance to take a few pictures at the other stations after everybody had been through mine, these pictures are station #6:
    Dustin from
    More station #6:



    Station #6
    Station #7
    Station #8:



    A few more of station #8


    Awesome, I’ll be there with my SKS this October.



    I think I learned some things from the first time doing it last February that helped me out this time but there is always room for improvements.

    Had the following gear related issues:
    By station 5 I realized my pack was rubbing a rather unpleasant raw spot on my back. And judging by the photo taken of me at station #7 tightening the shoulder straps probably could of prevented this. Not sure I ran the whole way with it like that my pack did get caught up while trying to crawl through the tractor tires obstacle.

    Knee pads would’ve helped me a lot in the tractor tire obstacle as it was quite uncomfortable for me knees going through.

    I normally love my electronic ear muff hearing protection which makes it so it easy to hear voice as normal but running with them was a big mistake, I should have used just plain ole ear plugs cause it was really hot on my head and I suspect it prevented some body heat from escaping.

    Inside my pack I had the camelbak omega 100oz reservoir filled to about 70oz and somewhere between station 2 & 3 I couldn’t get any more water knowing surely I hadn’t drank 70oz of water already I took the pack off to investigate. I guess with all the spare room within the pack with all the running allowed it to get turned all lopped sided and the reservoir itself had kinked up. The dedicated reservoir area within my pack is much larger than the camelbak omega takes up.

    @yugozombiehunter 18282 wrote:

    Awesome, I’ll be there with my SKS this October.

    Try to remind me of this as the October event nears closer so I can be on the look out for you.


    I’ll stay in touch TeknaBuzz. Just keep looking at the flowers…1…2….3



    Thanks for posting the pics TBuzz, glad you had a good time and thank you for volunteering to be a Range Officer. We can’t have the event without people like you. Remember, anytime you want to go over there for a day or weekend and blast away just give me a call.



    I think there is not enough money to buy the expearence you gain of what worked and what did not, short commings ect gun control trying to shoot when your heart rate is just a thumping, I wish I was in good enough shape to do a long course but I dont think I could drag my beer cooler that far.



    @otis302 18307 wrote:

    I think there is not enough money to buy the expearence you gain of what worked and what did not, short commings ect gun control trying to shoot when your heart rate is just a thumping, I wish I was in good enough shape to do a long course but I dont think I could drag my beer cooler that far.

    It is a great way to test your gear and I think it makes you think more practical.

    Running the course is not required Otis everybody is welcome to walk it and many people do. Before a few calculated wait times I believe it took a total 1:42 for me to complete and I did a lot of walking. If I remember correctly those who was walking the entire duration took about 2:30 or so to complete. I think it may actually be more than 4.5 miles though judging by the average speed per distance.

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    edit to add: actually I completed the entire course in 1:23:44



    Here’s a few short interviews with Mark Martinez & Michael Adam that gives a good down of the course:

    Mark interview:



    Michael interview:



    The registration books are open on the Run and Gun Biathlon. The last event went right up to capacity, and from everything we have heard afterwards, most of the attendees will be coming back and they have been telling their friends about it as well.

    Don’t wait until the last minute to get your slot reserved.

    The event is designed to help you understand how your shooting skills, stamina and gear, all have to work together for you to be successful. There are only three events like this in the United States right now. And Battle Road is the only Run and Gun with as many shooting stations as ours and which includes obstacles between courses. There is no other place in the country where you can put all your gear on and take a 4.5 mile jog, shooting along the way and climbing walls, crawling under barbed wire, traversing very narrow bridges, jumping over huge fallen logs etc.

    No other place you can find out if your gear is going to work, if your going to be able to draw your pistol after two miles on the trail and with gear shifting around on you, if your backpack is going to rub a bloody spot on your back if you have your rifle slung and magazine carriers on while you are walking several miles. If your brand new cool as hell tactical boots are going to cause you to come up lame at mile four, right when you are in sight of your finish line. Why wait until your life might depend on your gear working as you had planned? Find out with us, and a bunch of your best friends, out in the middle of nowhere, on a beautiful fall day.

    The course will be a bit different this next run. I have gotten a lot of feedback from folks asking for more obstacles and more physical challenges. Your wish is our command. We will have about a dozen more obstacles added to the course for the next event. Some additional walls to climb, underground crawlspaces, hand over hand monkey bars, trenches to leap over or crawl in and out of. More bridges and balancing walkways. More physical challenges.

    The stages will have some changes and skills additions as well. Where in the last event a pistol stage might require you to do some straight up, plain Jane shooting at the steel silhouettes, new courses of fire may have you using both strong and weak hands for stages, while carrying a five gallon jerry can with two gallons of water in it while shooting and moving, another stage may have multiple targets with all of them being steel hostage targets with penalties for shooting the hostage. A stage where you have to drag your fallen buddy to safety while returning fire.

    So, don’t think that if you attended the Zombie Biathlon one of the last few times we have run it, that it is the same game. The course is maturing and becoming a bit more sophisticated in it’s challenges.

    The BattleRoad Zombie Biathlon is not a three gun, we are in a class all by ourselves. We made our own rules, we have our own ideas about how to run an event. If slight course changes or round count changes, or distances not being precise at a stage, or any other changes, even at the last minute, are going to freak you out or cause you anxiety, this might not be the event for you.

    For everyone else, get sharp, work out, gear up, we will see you in October!

    For more info or to register go to
    To go straight to registration go to

    Geez, I can’t wait, October can’t get here fast enough!



    Lets do this!

    See you all there


    Packing and rolling out for the ranch Thursday morning 03:00



    @yugozombiehunter 20488 wrote:

    Packing and rolling out for the ranch Thursday morning 03:00

    I have to work all day Thursday so I’ll be heading out Thursday night or really early Friday morning.

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