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    Do you think history would repeat it self?

    I’m pretty sure it already has several times since 1977.


    there was an even larger more extensive black out in 2003 …. for whatever reason – there wasn’t a great deal of looting reported …. certainly not like 1977 …. that’s still the biggest looting binge since the 1960’s series of riots & looting ….

    one thing that’s changed since 1977 …. alot of these areas no longer have much retail to even loot …. just like the future Ferguson MO – some stores & chain outlets aren’t re-building …. you not only need to worry about being in the retail areas when looting breaks out …. the travel area between these riot prone areas and the nearest retail stores is going to be devastated as well …. the entire swath will be up for grabs



    Hey Ed, you fool, what do you think taxes are? Personal property!

    Good video.



    Im never to far from home so I wouldn’t be to worried, however looting would be. Its an easy excuse to loot, even being on army land I don’t think the army would do much though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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