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    I decided to do a Camo job on one of my GP pouches. I have a buch of surplus stuff in coyote brown and turned then into camo. The colors I used were flat Camo colors by Rustoleum, Earth Brown and Deep Forest Green(really like Olive Drab). I think I need to add a lighter green to the mix but for now these will do. It looks way better in person, kinda like Multicam.

    What I did was fold some construction paper in half to make it a little stiffer then cut out my pattern to use as the template. I layed down the pattern and “dusted” the paint on at an angle about 4-6″ inches away. I did this at different angles on the pouch. I layed down the brown first a couple times then the green then back to the brown. Dried almost instantly.







    This is really cool, I unfortunately just bought a camo rain cover :(.



    That’s nice work. I’ve been using spray paint to camo my stuff for years. I even painted an AR. I use to use templates for the patterns but I got lazy and now I just blend the colors together. That “dusting” you mentioned works great; it really helps tone down the light colors and can help break up darker colors.

    What I also like about spray paint is that its cheap and surprisingly more durable than I thought and when it does get scratched its an easy fix, however I have found I like the random scratches in the paint job. The scratches usually help with the pattern, at least I think so.



    I like the scratches and worn look too. Means you actually use your ish. Gives it character in my opinion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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