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    Cazorla left foot Nushe, 1-0! This is Cossola this season, the first nine league goals, tied his career goals in Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Malaga record. 39 minutes, Cazorla, Altea, Wilshere hit the ball, Wilshere left cross knock, Danny – Ross grab the ball before Walcott poke the bottom line. The first 41 minutes, Ross left the bottom pass, Szeschney on the top of Fletcher confiscated the ball. 43 minutes, Monreal left the bottom line of the ball back to do

    Giroux and then cross the middle, Walcott restricted area on the edge of the right foot volley volley slightly wide! Stoke City is definitely Arsenal and Wenger’s enemies for many years, the battle of the team, the long pass play the bulk, so was taught as “football”, and Xiao Ke Ross tackle Ram Legs lead to the latter a year of injury, but also vain.

    The current round of the two teams and then meet in the Emirates Stadium, the same popular endless stream of the scene, the scene of the conflict constantly, OTC disputes are constantly, almost late twilight old golden couple Owen became the protagonist. Podolski free kick after the break, the edge of the flag has a flag to indicate that there are players offside, attracted both players to block the referee to say, Altta came up to reason when the emotional excitement, the

    Xiao Ke Ross a push, the latter Naturally quite dissatisfied, grabbed the short of their own spanish from the mouth. Seeing the conflict to be upgraded, Sarnia came forward to play the two rounds, did not further upgrade the conflict. Referee Fu Yi then announced the goal is effective, Emirates Stadium jubilant one, Xiao Ke Ross also NBA Live Coins could not help but ruthlessly sprayed a word, naturally not a good words.

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