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    we can legally own a firearm in the UK but we have to get a fire arms certificate, and we have to have a valid reason for owning one, in the case of a shotgun membership of a clay shooting club is probably ok, but I think rifles are a bit more of a problem, you have to have a proper gun safe or cabinet fixed to the wall and this will have to be inspected by the local police dept, I thought this was too much on the radar and on official lists.



    @alonso1 1915 wrote:

    60 yards is a lot farther that I though an arrow would accurately travel. Obviously, I have no experience with bow’s or crossbow’s but they do seem like they would be fun to shoot.

    I don’t know how they would do against zombies. I figure you would have to make good hits on target in order to benefit from the silences the bow/crossbow have to offer.

    I have seen Ted Nugent shoot deer (on t.v.) with a bow and the animal almost always runs away. Now if I were shot with an arrow, unlike a deer, I would most likely scream bloody murder and the silent kill goes out the window.

    So has anyone ever done any serious shooting with a bow/crossbow? Whats the average range you can get an accurate shot with? Whats the rise and drop of the arrow in flight? What is a good practice target for a brain kill? 8 inches?

    I guess if you knew the above information, then you could get within range and fire off a quick brain kill without the concern of the zombie screaming and alerting all his zombie friends.

    Now that I think about, if a bow/crossbow can hold 8 inches, it might not be a bad weapon to have in my bag of tricks.

    Got a compound bow 70 lb. pull and shoot 60 yd. bullseyes with no problem, might even try to reach out further. With target points arrows hit like a sledge hammer,
    imagine the tissue damage a broadhead would produce!

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)

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