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    Arthur Puts Hurricane Watch Net, WX4NHC on Alert

    If you have a shortwave radio or an HF radio you can listen into 14.325 USB and 7.268 LSB.

    I also heard that the coast guard might transmit on 5.696mhz but I’m not really sure about all of that.

    This old retired guy that is currently running the net has some good looking gear!
    N8BHL – Callsign Lookup by QRZ.COM



    Where is that guy set up, hopefully far enough inland. Perhaps I’ve already share but I’m very passionate about following tropical weather being a gulf coast resident. I’ve been following what a few the professional meteorologist that I’ve grown to respect over the course of many years have been saying about this season being hard to predict what the setup is going to look like in a few months at (peak season).

    There has been times I’ve stayed up all night watching tropical systems and going to work the next day. I remember back in 2007 specifically around 10pm that night right off the Texas coast was a tropical depression Humberto that wasn’t expected to do much of anything I stayed up and watched it rapidly intensify to a cat 1 hurricane and drove to work the next morning in cat 1 gusting winds only to be turned around and sent back home.



    That photo is just a stock one from his QRZ site. The thing with ham radio is that you can be 200 miles away and still have great communications with people in the impact zone. Here I am in PA listening in, and technically able to communicate with although I did not, people in the impact area.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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