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    commonly used material, such as asphalt gas barrier material barrier underground movement pressure water through the pores and surface water caused by excessive siphonage. 3. Cleanliness means cleanliness. Due to the difference between the construction date at the grass-roots level and the paving of the elastic ground surface, there is always a stampede or other materials piled up and scattered in the middle. Therefore, the surface layer should be carefully dealt with before being paved (not washed with water),

    such as grease and other impurities, the application of fire baking or alkaline wash wipe, so as not to result in paste effect. 4, slippery namely base surface should be hard, bright and clean, should not rough, sand. The smooth cohesive force of the base surface is greater than that of the coarse bond. This is because the formation of many fine pores rough surface,

    coating agent, not only increases the amount of adhesive, and the thickness is not uniform. After sticking, because of the more adhesive in the pores, the dispersed gas will continue to emit, and when accumulated to a certain extent, it will form the drum surface or edge angle in the weak parts of the paste. Editor summary: flat, dry, clean, slippery, this is the basic requirements of flax oil flooring to the grass-roots level, as long as the above points,
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