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    My wife and I decided five years ago to home school our daughter. Luckly there are alot have home schoolers in the area and there is a co-op on Fridays where parents meet to teach classes. Its great because alot of these classes are not taught in the public school system. I have decided to teach a survival class when the new school year starts. I feel that this would be a plus for the kids. Any feedback would be helpful.



    That is a great idea. So much of what we do is patterned after our parents. If you are raised in a city or suburbs you may not have had any opportunity to get into the woods, and you didin’t have anybody to teah you anything. Having somebody knowledgeable to teach you would be an invaluable lesson.



    Do it, any skill is a skill.

    BTW, we’ve homeschooled since 2007 and absolutely love it.



    Go for it. Not sure if you should flat out call it ‘survival’ but maybe combine topics into sections that deal with each type of situation. You could layout topics such as : First Aid/CPR/Exposure, Animal Hunting/Skinning, Planting, Outdoor Shelters, Decontaminating water, Hunters Safety, Map and Compass, Camping in Various Climates (Summer, Winter, Desert).

    And at the end of it all, you just completed some basics of survival without causing people to freak out and judge you for what you know is right. I can see the crazy people now “You are home schooling Survival? That’s not a class!” but how can they attack you if you are home schooling First Aid/CPR, agriculture, or home-ec of skinning a rabbit and cooking it. Teaching Navigation and the lines of latitude and longitude. Teaching horticulture by planting tomatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes. Then top it off with firearms training by calling it ‘hunters safety’ and now those students can get a license to go and hunt.

    Just some food for thought. My nieces are home schooled and sometimes it drives me crazy because they are always in ‘home-ec’ doing dishes.



    This is an ancient thread but I am very interested to learn if bandit1963 ever taught this class and how it went. I want to learn from his experience and use his insight to better teach my kids.

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