if shtf, u wont garden for a year.

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    cause either your food will be stolen, or you’ll be killed for being seen working the garden, so they can steal it, or because they want your flesh, quite possibly. Or “just” your gear. After a year or so, so many will be dead that if you are careful, you can have several, sub surface, small, scattered sprout gardens, in thickets, atop hills. A year later, you can probably expand those little holes into small plots above surface, if they are well hidden. But for that first year, the only thing that makes any sense is to just remain hidden/unnoticed, by having a year’s supply of food/gear stashed, and coming out of your hole only at night.k With a suppressed .22 autoloading rifle, subsonic ammo, a “spare” escape cover/tunnel (a few yds long is all you need) and some mousetrap noisemakers hooked to your concealed trapdoors, you’ll be many times safer than you’ll be in any sort of building or vehicle that is above ground.



    I kind of disagree. You will garden that year. People will still have some food and star to trade for more variety. Then next year you will be gardening in hiding. Collect seeds while trading.



    I agree as well. My garden will be planted!

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