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    If Washington does plan to move on from Jones, it would be beneficial to him for them to make a decision soon. Training camp is almost here, and every practice with a new team is critical. But there’s no pressure on the team to make a move, so they could just wait and see if another team is willing to trade a low-round draft pick. John Lynch’s honesty provides Colin Kaepernick, 49ers a breath of fresh air | Madden 18 Coins | Sporting News.

    For some reason there’s a powerful, viral strain of honesty running through NFL team front offices this week. Teams suddenly are telling the truth about Colin Kaepernick, who is still unemployed on June 1, nearly three months into free agency.Giants owner John Mara’s revelations were more on the aggravating side (not to mention disingenuous in light of his own history with supposed “problem” players). 49ers general manager John Lynch, however, was refreshing in correcting the record.

    It’s another sign that Lynch’s lack of experience in the job is not going to be a hindrance, and that he’s what that team, and the NFL, actually needed. The first sign was his public undressing of the Bears on draft night. This may be even more consequential — it will have no bearing on the field for his team, but is invaluable to his and the 49ers’ integrity.

    One option left for Kaepernick?Somebody had to douse the fire of rumor, innuendo and outright smear dominating the conversation around Kaepernick’s continued unemployment. Lynch took it upon himself, to NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk Live in an interview to Cheap madden mobile 18 coins be aired soon.

    It won’t stop insiders and outsiders from trashing Kaepernick’s character strictly to hide the real reasons for rejecting him (the reasons Mara gave, for example). But the transparency still helps.The talk about “walking away from $15 million,” for example: How that was leading to outrageous contract demands that no team wanted to meet, and about how he’d still be on the 49ers’ roster if he hadn’t turned them down, so he has no one to blame but himself.Not true, Lynch said.

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