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    there are several ways to do this, and no, i don’t mean using it as a spear or a fishing pole, either, altho those can work, with spawning carp or salmon runs)spearing/scooping them) or in shallow pools of (late summer) panfish(mostly bluegill)



    uhhhhhh! Thats pretty cool! (in best beavis voice.)


    Batang Z

    I just imagined how Shovel can cut the Fish in Half 😀



    shottist had some crazily ideas and an idea for everything.



    Looking back on this, I know people that have shoveled carp before. Me personally, I think “why would you do this and deprive yourself of an awesome time of bowfishing”, but that is just me. However, I fish, and know a lot of people that fish a lot more than I do, and probably a lot more than your average joe. I’ve never EVER heard of anyone shoveling panfish.(Disregarding a drought or some really freak incident like someone draining their pond or something like that.) Where did this guy do this panfish shoveling?



    I use yo yo”s set them and forget them I eat more fish at my spot then any thing [ATTACH=CONFIG]2535[/ATTACH] with salt pepper and garlic its not bad

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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