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    @jhrdwyn 2665 wrote:

    I like Steel Wool and a 9 volt Battery – carried separate of course. Flint rods can also be used with SW. However, I do suggest everyone learn to use friction as a fire-starter. Mostly because BO items can be lost in a fight, while running, etc. If you can’t make it to a cache and it’s cold/wet weather you’re more likely to expire from loss of heat than food/water. I’d suggest using a sling/bag to carry some small fire-starting equipment/water purification tabs, mini-med kit (or pockets) vs keeping items that are needful in an emergency or in the event of loss of kit.

    Very good suggestion, in a disastrous situation a well equipped Bug Out Bag is going to be like having a pot of gold strapped to your back that the non prepared would be trying to take from you. Having some of the most basic needs of absolute survival in your pocket for a just in case reason might not be a bad idea.



    Cody Lundin professed a small fanny pack that you were never without. The first time I read about him he was the cover story in Backpacker magazine. The issue is on his website, but the link to his mini survival kit is gone. Does anyone have the issue? Some of the things I remember were matches, lighter, magnesium (3 ways to make fire); a GOOD pocket knife; small amount of duct tape; large trash bags (for a poncho or shelter); condoms (to store water); a whistle to signal; a short piece of PVC tubing to use as a straw or siphon. All of these will fit in a fanny pack.



    VB I don’t have the magazine but I did find this link:

    CL Survival Kit

    Plus this pretty cool (albeit slightly gross on the “nutty- tasting rat” bit) video



    I carry both but am a fan of lighters. They are easier to use but should be backed up by a lighter. I posted up a review of a few lighters over here.



    I have a lot of flickety Bics also stick matches dipped in wax keeps the water proof just take the wax off and your set of course magnesim, and ferocium fire starters.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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