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    Not only is this info valuable because I suppose we should be making decisions that are good for the environment but if the Zombie Apocalypse / Societal Breakdown occurs this info will be useful to keep disease ridden pests off your food and family.

    Please share your ideas, experiences and finds here.




    They have citronella plants you can grow put in a pot and keep on your porch or around your yard that naturally repels mosquito’s as well as other insects. I’ve seen these plants and the odor off them is actually pretty strong.



    Catnip(plants) works real well for keeping mosquitos away also . downside every damn cat shows up. Other trick ive used not natural tho is a bounce dryer sheet in my hat , they leave you alone. For my animals i use avons skin so soft , rub on my hands & pet the animal, then the skeeters leave them alone.. For ant, fleas etc anything with an exoskeleton i use DE ( dieatomacous earth) its food grade & if a person / animal gets into it its harmless( make sure if animal gets into it they have plenty of water available if they want it).. To keep cockroach/ silverfish out of stored food etc ive soaked typing paper in cinamon oil & threw it in the area.. For animal beds cedar shavings work great to. If your out campin/ picnic & dont have anything starting a small smudge fire with punky rotten wood / leaves will drive the mosquitos away..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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