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    Ndiaye put the ball through the halftime and then to the right, Gardner pass to the restricted area, outflanking in the end of the night Out The first 2 minutes, Carter Moore is quite dangerous tackle action shovel turned Ramsay, the referee Taylor according to NBA Live Coins the offensive principle is not whistle, Walcott scored the ball in the restricted area crossed the left foot shot, Grenoble smashed the ball, but he hugged the ball before Wilshere had it.

    Then Taylor gave the Carter Moore a yellow card. The first 4 minutes, Giro restricted area front of the ball straight plug, Walcott restricted area on the right side of the small angle shot, the number of times this season, the highest number of the second of the ball, 8 minutes, Zhan Jinsen stumbled on Kirbak to eat a yellow card. Sunderland players scraping very vicious, but

    Arsenal to be outdone. 13 minutes, carrying a yellow card in the body of Jenkins on the rush down Fletcher, the referee mercy. The first 17 minutes, Wilshere Zhise, Giro restricted area on the left side off Gardner left foot hit the door, the ball will slide out of the distal column! The first 22 minutes, Cesson 30 yards outside the heavy artillery door kicked the stands. The first 24 minutes

    Cazorla was Carter Moore fell to the ground, Wilshere hold injustice. The first 29 minutes, Cesper ball dribble to Buy NBA 2K18 VC the right side of the unobtrusive Gardner, but Gardner’s biography was outrageous. The first 32 minutes, Wilshire made the ball, Ramsey restricted area front foot shot, Migno column avatar to the ball saved. Arsenal broke the first 36 minutes, Wilshere led the ball Zhise, Walcott turned the ball to the left of the

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