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    The way I see it, as offensive as it might be if you can’t handle a heated debate or accept that other people’s views, political status and opinions are far different than you own, then you probably aren’t going to be able to handle life in the world once ASHTF event takes place. I’m not much on a bunch of rules and I’m a firm believer in real true freedom, including religious freedoms and free speech. You can challenge any person view point as much as you want and I actually would encourage it, but refrain from making personal attacks such racism or racial slurs. Just some good advice don’t believe anything the media or anybody on the internet tells you! I enjoy a good debate and honestly typically from any good debate I honestly learn something new from the opposing argument and I’ve even been swayed to the opposite side of things. Chances you’ve been lied to about many things and wrong about some things, so keep a open mind as the truth will set you free.

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    When posting and/or quoting news please give link to the original articles.

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