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    Open carrying a rifle is to cumbersome for me however if that is what you want to do have at it is legal . I’m sure you will get some looks and comments so you will have to live with that I cc most of the time , but when I am on my farm I open carry my fn5.7 in case I jump a song dog sometimes in town I opencarry a glock 21 and let my coat hang over it since I have a ccw I don’t have to worry if it shows best of both worlds

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    I don’t want to take away the right for people to open carry an AR-15, but I think it is not a wise decision to be walking through Home Depot with a rifle on their back.

    My thought process is that someday it might be the right time. Say you are shopping in Ferguson and want to protect yourself.



    I agree open carrying a rifle draws un wanted attention. I believe that it should be legal though. The thing that sets the US apart from most countries is the freedom of choice. The freedom to make bad or unpopular decision. I would hate to see that freedom further degraded in the interest of political correctness.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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