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    Skill ring – riposte is preferred, but lifesteal and maximum reflection can work. You can get riposte ring from nail mobs. Skills such as rupture, beat, great swing, protect the attitude will work for the soldiers. Druid If you are going to a farm, you can use stimulating group skills, but you can use self-support skills such as bark, natural interface, hugs, etc. to help them survive better. Master can use harmonic skills to improve their skills as well as firebolt, ice and flame skills to kill faster. Energy shielding can also be used, but will consume a lot of energy.

    Sigils – regain health or energy dependency type. Regen only in the fight, because you do not need a bandage wound or life, if you get healthy, will steal the next thug. The energy signs can help you if you are running on your fingers while running, you can recover your energy instead of standing to tick, which is wasted at a higher level. The caster course will need more energy signals and then health as they use heavier spells. Providing a lot of signal for all courses will have a great impact, because only need to sit back and restore and bandage wounds to sit down to add health and energy is very time consuming.

    Statistics – no one is committed to the construction of agriculture. As long as your usual leveling building will be well cultivated, but you may want some healthy life to prevent attack and defense.

    For example, I would give 70 rogue without lux, you have 350 statistical points, so maybe like 100 str, 80 Dex, 30 focus and rest. But if you feel that your fine can effectively kill the lower thugs with buy celtic heroes gold, then stick with your current version. Warriors may follow similar construction with fewer Dex and more maintainers, and this level of the Master and the Druid may focus on the VIT ratio by 3: 2 because STR and Dex They are useless.

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