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    The third step: the installation of laminate flooring flooring is now the edge locking structure of mortise and tenon collocation, the installation of such a structure, just make sure that two kinds of stitching close enough, and do not need to use the floor glue connection floor. The fourth step: the installation of skirting line between the floor and the wall between the need to reserve the skirting line position, usually with small pieces of wood in the middle. After the installation of the floor,

    you can remove the small pieces of wood, the installation of skirting line. Is generally reserved slot card into the base, and then use a special nail nail. Xiao Bian reminder: most of the installation of laminate flooring is taking suspension laid, and the above four basic steps of the construction, but in the construction process,

    there are many issues that need attention, here is not to explain. Interested owners can read the recommended reading in the installation of the floor to strengthen the article. Part2: the importance of strengthening grassroots grassroots floor installation acceptance and acceptance of home improvement is not only the final acceptance of installation and construction results, because many Jiezhuang process are under construction,
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