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    Have you seen them? At first I thought it was a crazy idea, and even the first example I seen very plain simple home which I suppose is what interest a lot of the self sufficient people out there anyways. But then I seen how sophisticated some of these homes made out of shipping containers was and it got me thinking how cool and how much fun I could have building one.

    Here’s an example of what can be done with only 2 shipping containers:

    So I went on to do a little research in the possible cost to purchase some shipping containers and I’ve found 40′ containers being advertised anywhere from $1300-$2500 USD each. What does that equal to in cost per sq foot for the containers? By using the external dimensions of a 40′ dry freight container being 40′ long and 8′ wide that makes each container 320 sq foot so paying $2500 for the container would cost you $7.81 per sq foot of container. Please note the actual internal space is slightly smaller. I think I’d have to go with at least 4 containers to achieve about a 1200sq foot living space.

    Its a very neat idea but I would think that even some of the most rural areas you’d have all sorts of building codes and zoning restrictions to comply with that it would make the cost be closer to that of a conventional home.



    i now want to build a house out of shipping containers really is neat when you see all they can make them out to be



    I want one of these. Costs a little more, but sure love it!



    @ 00_Jackie, those are pretty cool. I can think of all kinds of ways to build one out.

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    Very efficient for a single person, maybe 2 people tops. I’d like to live in one of these. Plumbing might be a problem though.

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