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    My first AR
    I did weeks of research
    dreampt about it….worked some OT and a week before Christmas $1156 out the door



    Very nice, enjoy it!



    Very nice. I am a bit envious. I need to pick up an AR.


    Buying some ammunition this weekend and will post some video


    Thinking of an aimpoint pro or….



    Nice, I love my Sig M400 and I don’t think you’ll ever be disappointed with it. It’s a good quality rifle!


    [ATTACH=CONFIG]2052[/ATTACH]I have since shot 120 Rds of American Eagle .223 and no issues…great shooting gun…going to put an Eotech on it…I have a Redfield Counterstrike NIB if anyone is looking…I would let it go at a decent price to put towards the Eotech…



    GS, it looks like you have some room to move your rear sight back about 2 slots without being in the way of charging handle. The longer your sight radius the better IMO, I think you’ll find doing so will increase accuracy and perhaps you’ll even notice that it’s easier on the eyes with a reduction eye strain. Just sharing a tip from the observation of it’s current placement.


    The for the tip

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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