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    On my hunting club I’m allowed 2 stand locations and last year I only could afford to do 1 stand but this year I got another one that I set up a feeder and I’m pretty stoked about having 2 bucks already showing up to this feeder every morning in the past week.

    Here’s a few game cam pics of them:

    Time & Date stamp is accurate within a few minutes. Obviously some younger bucks in full velvet but how much can expect these bucks to grow by hunting season, Nov. 1st?

    Also last year I didn’t see my first pictures of any real bucks until October but I had a few doe’s that seemed to visit my feeder religously every morning with a fawns/yearlings throughout the year. Is it better to have doe’s coming now as they’ll be attracting the bucks during rut and these bucks I currently have will be elsewhere chasing a hot doe?



    I cannot answer your growth question but I am envious that you are already seeing so many bucks.



    Doing some more search I found this:
    White-tailed Deer: Stages of Antler Development

    Judging by the photos in the above link that deer already had 10+ points by this time of year. I don’t how much difference in variation between that area of the state and my hunting area there is but for now I’m going to assume the antlers on these two won’t grow much more at all. I also found an antler shed very close to my feeder that is of similar shape and size of the velvet antlers seen in the game camera. Depending on age, they might be a good candidate for a cull buck this season.

    @andrew.anderson 19446 wrote:

    I cannot answer your growth question but I am envious that you are already seeing so many bucks.

    I heard some talk of another person that hunts in the same club that for many years has never killed a doe despite having many and that his strategy of doing so especially with so many years of doing so grants him many options on which buck he kills.

    My other spot hasn’t had any pictures of deer just a few really large size boars and lots of coons.



    I lied, while scrolling thru pictures of the hogs at Stand #1 I found 1 picture of this buck:

    He’s hard to see but looks like he might have some decent horns.

    Here’s a picture of the antler shed I found and the lower jaw of a hog:



    Tek antlers grow completley in 5 or 6 months they shed in Febuary and can grow as much as a inch a day although 1/2 per day is average depending on there genitics and habitat those will gain weight till about 2 or 3 weeks before the rut then they will lose some.

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