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    South Carolina like a lot of other places has a bad hog and coyote problem so much so that its open season all year long as of last year, baiting elec calls just about any thing goes on private land been so busy at work forgot about it till one of our guys asked if I was going to the state forest where its a hot spot and it goes from march 1st till the 15th for the week end, cram scouting and setting out a stink pot all in one day a long shot but I hope to get some insight for next week end got some Barnes 55 gr TSX all copper hell a bad day hunting is still a great day to me [ATTACH=CONFIG]2034[/ATTACH]



    I’ve been scouting out my other unused stand location on my hunting lease and I’m thinking about turning down some good deer spots for a spot in one of the clear cuts just because I want to shoot some coyote’s too. I figure that using the electric audio calls would work much better in the open than thickness of the tall pines. I hear them all the time especially in the evening right before it gets dark but yet to see one alive.



    They are wiley as any animal can be and as fast wont hit them on the run unless you have a shot gun I opt for old smelly bait that place I am going me and dog camped there last year in the middle of no where and they started howling at about 2:00 am totally unexpected at first light I walked over to where I thought it was coming from and there was some remains of a possum and some thing else



    So my yote story here, I am in the middle of Texas. Was out looking for whitetail, it started raining with some ice mixed in. Figured I was the only animal dumb enough to be out in that shit. Walked back to camp. Camp being a hammok under a ridgeline and tarp with a blue tarp tied to some trees for rain cover and a wool blanket on the ground to keep my butt warm and dry. I was sitting there waiting for the rain/sleet to pass over reading a book i notice some movement coming down a old crushed rock road. Look up and see a yote loping directly at me. I slowly grab my rifle and start to put it to my shoulder the whole time I am thinking “its going to see me any second now!”. I get the rifle to my shoulder and fire chest shot. laser put it at 17 yards.
    So now i have somewhat damaged yote pelt in the freezer to tan when I get time.



    My wife shared that either Virginia or West Virginia has a deer over population issue and they are issuing all sorts of deer tags. Sounds like you all have the same issue with the coyotes and the piggies.

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