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    Butane stoves seem like the cheapest and most reliable type of stove but honestly I’d primarily use just a small grill for most cooking because the butane canisters can get pretty bulky. Here’s a example of cheap butane stove:


    The above butane stove listed for $11.99 on here:



    I cant remember the name of it..but theres one stove I saw online that was pretty neat in my opinion burned wood, well twigs actually ..I remember it had high praises and it seems kind of logical to me to have a stove like twigs are found any/everywhere so a fuel source is easy to come by..downside is one has to stay with the stove to constantly feed the twigs to it..currently I have a colman that uses the propane cannisters and the dual fuel job..both work great camping but in a bug out scenario both seem to be heavy..not to mention the fuel one would have to carry for them.




    @lottogoo 520 wrote:

    Make your own!

    awesome i really like the altoids tin can stove but all are neat ideas



    Ive made the hobo can one and used twigs it would work ok in aq pinch.



    Wood burning cylinder stoves are perfect





    Not only did I live on a boat but did 8 yrs. As a BSA volunteer ASM/ SM/ Committee ,and backpacker since 68 or so.
    Have used every kind of stove or had camp buddies use them.
    Optimus,Svea,MSR,Coleman gas or propane 3,2,1 burner stoves,coke can,hobo,etc. Winter in Colorado, northern NY state , NM , Grand Canyon 300+ mi. below the rim hiking.
    My ratings/preferences are Campfire #1, Coleman 552#2, Svea 23 #3, Coke can #4, MSR XGK or Pocket Rocket #5 Opti 110? #6! HOBO #7
    Criteria are reliability, all altitude heat, fuel avail., ease of use, can I drink the fuel, ( coke can -moonshine). Weight!
    This is winter class mostly I use the Pocket Rocket or Coke can in three season. Campfire where permitted.
    Tactical? “White man makes big fire and stands far away, Indian builds small fire and sits close” make your own call.




    Rocket Stove for camp use and a Hobo stove on the trail.



    I just carry round a small pocket stove and some fuel tablets, I dont count it a necessity. Its mainly for emergencies, like if im injured and dont have the ability to make a fire by hand or scavenge fire wood.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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