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    Bamboo flooring bamboo is processed from the floor, both rich natural materials of natural beauty, and has the advantages of durable, mothproof, seismic and. The bamboo and wood floors are cool in summer and warm in winter, damp proof, wear resistant and convenient to use, especially to reduce the use of wood and protect the environment. However, due to geographical location, climate and other reasons, bamboo and wood composite flooring in the northern building materials market rarely seen, consumers rarely choose such floors.

    Two, bamboo and wood composite floor to buy bamboo and wood composite flooring, floor decoration is the highest frequency of use, and directly affect the decoration effect of the important decorative link. Therefore, in ensuring the quality of products qualified, moderate price premise, the color of the floor becomes the first consideration when consumers buy. The natural floors are all made of the latest European popular grain.

    The color is pure and the texture is clear. First look at the surface, paint no bubble, is fresh and bright, bamboo is too dark, the surface is not the glue line (caused by a uniform along the long line, the machining process is not fine, not cause pressure and so on) and then look around without cracks, there are no traces of ash. Is clean and tidy, then look back the remaining yellow bamboo bamboo, is clean and tidy.
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