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    Tek, I like what you have done! What’s in have you planted so far? I see tomatoes and some other things that I don’t recognize yet.



    I got tomatoes cucumbers strawberries bell Pepper and cantaloupes I planned on addind jalepenos but they was out of them. Will add jalepenos if I ever catch them in stock.



    I never got my garden started if you don’t count my fruit trees. Spring has sprung and we have a ton of work to do at our property. On that list is clearing more trees/brush for max garden sunlight.



    So far out of my garden I’ve been able to harvest a ton of peas and today I harvested my first cucumber! We’ve been having a ton of rain up here in Western PA which my garden appears to be loving but dang, it’s taking away from my motorcycle road time!



    So how did your garden turn out this year????

    Here are my guesses as to what i harvested
    I harvested about 100 pounds of tomatoes
    10 pounds of potatoes
    10 pounds of onions
    0 green peppers
    0 hot peppers
    Lots of peas
    30 pounds of cucumbers
    6 – 10 ears of corn
    few pounds of carrots (feeding them to the rabbits)

    I also found this great growing chart
    Burpee Home
    drop in your zip code and it will give you great advise on growing seasons!



    I’d be embarrassed to post a pic of what my garden looks like now. It was going good til I went to work out of town and I un-hooked the water hose so I could mow the grass and forgot to hook it back up. The garden went 4 or 5 weeks only receiving rain water that was obviously not enough in the raise bed.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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