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    It’s that time of year again, to start thinking about next years garden!

    If you recall, last years post was here:

    We had several people state they where going to start a garden for the first time, others where going to keep the same size, some with a larger garden, and still some that had no plans to garden at all. So lets hear your poll vote for 2014!

    I’ll start off with a few things that I learned.
    1) I didn’t plant enough potatoes. I had a bunch, but not nearly what I was hoping for. And wow, they taste absolutly amazing compared to store bought potatoes.
    2) I didn’t plant enough corn. I just didn’t get enough ears of corn that I wanted.
    3) I’m going to spread things out a lot more. I tried the square foot garden approach, and it works, but I think I could get a little more if I just push things out a few more inches.

    Last year I said
    “Carrots, Big Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Corn, Peas, Green/Red peppers, Strawberries, Raspberries, maybe some watermelon”

    I did get carrots, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, peas, green peppers, hot peppers PLUS potatoes and onions. My raspberry bush died and I never got around to strawberries or watermelon. This years list include everything I planted last year plus I might plant some pole beans. I don’t care much for them, but I plan on feeding the beans to rabbits and chickens as a supplement to their diet. I also plan on planting a LOT more peas. I canned over 60 pints of salsa, 25 quarts of spaghetti sauce and a bunch of sweet relish. I don’t think I really need any more relish so I’ll plant cucumbers, but again, that will be to supplement my rabbits diet.

    I’m going to setup my garden a little different. I might even try to put up some sort of temporary green house structure to extend my growing season. I also have a pear tree that I didn’t take advantage of, mainly because i’ve never dealt with a fruit tree before so I had no idea what and how to manage it. Hopefully I have figured it out for 2014!

    Here is a photo about mid season of my canning activities

    Tomatoes ready to be processed!

    FRESH homemade garden salsa WITHOUT any chemicals! Plus homemade flower tortia chips.

    Dried Cayenne peppers

    Indoor seed planting to start the season



    I’m going to use the same 8’x8′ as I did last year but probably have a different variety, I can’t remember what all I had last year but I know I did too many tomato plants in the size space I had. maybe do 2 or 3 tomato plants this year. The cucumbers did well for me too but they spread out fast.



    Be sure to rotate the tomato plants to the other side of the garden if you can.



    @philthebiker 16423 wrote:

    Be sure to rotate the tomato plants to the other side of the garden if you can.

    Why is that? Enlighten me because I really don’t know what I’m doing with this whole gardening thing.



    Plants from the same family will not grow as gothic planted year after year in the same location. That’s why farmers only plant a portion of their total acreage for corn. They rotate where they plant every year. Tomato plans will grow better (as will most plants) if they are planted in a new location. There is some sort of plant family chart in this years old farmers almanac, I’ll look for the page and see if I can scan it in.

    You can add nutrients into the garden to help with no rotation if it wasn’t planned for. I personally didn’t think about it last year but with all the rabbit and chicken manure I have I’m not to worried.



    Crop rotation explained

    You will want to download the PDF so that you can use the PDF viewer, right click and say rotate because of the way it scanned in.



    Sure hoping to get started this year. As always, work dictates my schedule.



    This snow crap needs to go away. I’m going to plant my cucumber plants indoors soon!

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    I have started to get ready for the garden!




    I have realized that my garden is too small. I’ve planted my potatoes and I still had a lot more seed potatoes left.

    So what does one do when you run out of space? Dig up more ground πŸ™‚




    So speaking of your 2014 garden. How much space does someone think you need in order to be self sufficient and off grid? One guy says 2 acres and the folks at the Urban Homestead say 1/10th of an acre in which they generate 6,000 pounds of food a year. Gotta love the southern Californian climate if you can get a hold of water πŸ™‚

    Here is the direct link if you the image is too small



    Ok, I don’t have a photo right now, but I’ll get one.

    Potatoes and Onions are thriving like CRAZY. I’m pretty darn excited. My carrots didn’t take so I’m going to try again… as soon as I find space!

    I planted 30 some roma Tomatoes, 6 Cherry tomato plants and 12 beef tomato plants. I put in about 40 feet (3 rows deep) of corn and I plan on doing another 40 feet in about 2 – 3 weeks. I transplanted some rhubarb and it seems to be growing nicely. I planted 40 or so pea plants, 10 cucumber plants, and maybe 12 green bean bush plants. They are all starting to come up, I’m excited!

    Still left to plant (and very soon!)
    Pumpkin and water melon (never tried that before) and I want to plant sunflowers! I don’t know how many I’m going to plant yet, but It should be a blast!

    That’s how my garden is doing so far!



    I took this photo just a few days ago.

    Compare that with the one a few posts above πŸ™‚

    There is still time to plant!




    Picked the first cucumbers out of my garden today. Aside from that peas have also been ready to eat!



    harvested about 8%-10% of our potatoes tonight. Ended up with 15 pounds of them! woot! I planted 9 pounds of seed potatoes. I’m pretty darn excited!

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