Gradual SHTF Could Be The Worst

As I was reading thru many of the threads here just now I realized that many of us, including myself think of SHTF happening at pretty solid pace if not instantly. Many of us plan and prepare for an event that would eliminate most of the competition just because they’re unprepared and we’re ready for this. You might have a years supply of food & water and by the time you actually have to leave comforts of the location that has helped you make it thru hell that only the strong and prepared will be remain.

But what if it all goes down differently what if it’s already happening and it’s not going to speed up it’s just a slow decline in the way of life as we knew it. Maybe it’s already happening this way. But more importantly we’re prepared because we don’t want to suffer the hardships that everybody else will who isn’t prepared. But what if those hardships come your way long before others have to deal with it? Where are you going to be if start to face those kind of hardships years before its starts to impact the rest of us.

I think all of us here are well prepared at least mentally for something catastrophic to happen that affects everybody and we’d be the ones that last the longest. Just something that cross my mind that my plans and preparations are focused on me being in survival mode at the same time as everybody else and how different it would if I was forced into survival mode long before everybody else.

What are your thoughts on this?

Point is if forced into this situation a prepared person will exhaust all preps that would’ve given that person an upper hand against all others if something catastrophic happened that effected all at the same time. Many people believe that there are signs that doom might already be on the horizon yet those same people believe that sooner or later its all going to erupt into some idea of a worst case scenario and that is what we must prepare for.

But what we’re wrong, at least about the eruption of sudden chaos. When we look at all the signs and symptoms of the things that have some people (including myself and many of us here) worried, the onset of those things have all gradually taken place. What if the trend continues until the bitter end of things?

We’re banking that our preparations will give us the advantage over everybody else but that is if things go as planned. We cannot allow our level of preparedness to be recognized with what makes us strong, it has to go beyond that.

Self taught victim of circumstance educated by experience while operating on observation. A mere product of what society has crafted me to be.