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Ideas To Improve Home Defense From Intruders.

I’m always running through possible scenarios in my head and doing my best to have an action plan in place before a horrific event unfolds. As learn more and more I’m also continuously making alterations to this plan and I realize how much can learn from each other just thru conversation. So I’ll share with you my home defense plans and what I’ve done to prepare for this scenario and I’ll welcome any suggestions and encourage further discussing both improvements to plans and the controversy of those plans.

Controlling the situation:

If a bad guy wants to get into your home he is going to find a way to get in! But wouldn’t it be nice if you knew exactly where the bad guy would come in at? There are steps you can take that could help you anticipate where the breach would take place but without boarding up & nailing down all your windows there will never be 100% certainty. The key is to use this to your advantage for home defense strategy.

Utilizing lots and lots of critical thinking from within the home and factoring in lots of variables I’ve identified the most ideal location for an intrusion and for me it just happens to be a window. I would say for most people to choose a window because bad guys know that locked doors generally consist of a higher element of security than your average window.

Some of the variables that helped me select this location are the proximity of where I sleep at night and even more importantly where my kids sleep at night. Consider distance, the further away this intrusion happens the more time you have to be alerted grab your gun and respond. But for those that live in large homes you need to also consider how well your going to be able to hear an intrusion at that distance.

Another thing I’ve consider is the amount of cover and concealment this location offers and the anticipation of where a bad guy might be first heading once he gets inside. Most people don’t have much if anything in their homes that can stop a bullet and I’m not worried about cover because my home is being broken into and I’m now on a search & destroy mission. I want the bad guy to be stuck in a location that doesn’t allow him much of an option for hiding or taking cover. Being realistic here anybody that breaks into my home in the middle of the night with my vehicles parked in the driveway can be expected to be armed because this is Texas here and even the bad guys know that most Texans have a gun in their home.

Room clearing.

Outdoor mock room clearing exercise.

Recently I did the Fighting Handgun course offered by Battle Road USA in which a portion of the class covered clearing rooms in your home. I learned a lot from that and it caused me to go home and make some adjustments to the layout of our furniture. Developing your home defense plan should also take in consideration the use of firearms to defend your home. Note that most interior home walls will not stop a bullet so please take in consideration of where a bullet will go if you miss or the bullet over penetrates. Keeping family and innocent by standers should be the top priority.

Creating the invitation:

Now that you’ve done all of the above from within the home now you need to go outside and make that window be the most inviting target of opportunity versus all the other entry points into your home.  Here’s a little list of ways you can make this location the most inviting to a would be burglar.

  • Make it the darkest at night-time, all around your home might be well-lit, but this area should have the least bit of lighting at night.
  • Provide a natural ladder, make this window have easier access to climb into than the other ones but you want whatever it is outside at the bottom of the window to be as natural looking as possible. (for example: an exterior central air conditioning unit)
  • Decrease security, I’m not saying to remove the locks on the window but be sure the selected ideal location has minimal security versus all other access points.

Setting the path:

Opposite of what you’ve done to decrease the security of your selected breach location you want to make all the other possible entry points undesirable points of access. Just some ideas:

  • Make all other area’s well-lit with porch lights & motion detectors I also like those little solar lamps, bad guys are going to feel vulnerable trying to get into a window when neighbors and passing cars can easily see them.
  • Creating natural obstacles such as thorny rose bushes in front of windows.
  • Re-enforcing security to make sure these windows have addition security, double pane windows, locked, screwed down internally, having boards locking them down from the inside being slid upward.
  • Putting furniture in front of these windows, tall dressers work great and would require a person to push the entire dresser over to get in at that location which would be very loud and they’d want to avoid.

But wouldn’t having a high level of security at all access points as suggested be a deterrent. Of course especially if your overall home defense security is noticeably much higher than your neighbors but like I said if somebody wants to get in they’re going to get in. You can up your security at all access points and still create a location that is the most inviting to an intruder to enter from. I don’t know about you but I like knowing where I can anticipate an intrusion better than knowing that I have such a high level of equalized security around my home that I’d have no idea where one might enter from. Chances are you’re not going to have a thorny rose-bush outside every window or even enough dressers in your home to place in front of each of them. Plan your home defense strategy the way NFL defensive coaches plan for their upcoming games.

Self taught victim of circumstance educated by experience while operating on observation. A mere product of what society has crafted me to be.