Pistol Craft & Fighting Handgun

Pistol Craft Room clearing.

I just did Battle Road USA’s Pistol Craft course today and will be doing thier Fighting Handgun Course tomorrow. The course was awesome and I had lots of fun but that’s really just an added to bonus. I learned a lot of good fundamentals that when put into combination of going thru the motions I could realize the importance of each of them. But the tricky part is as you learn to incorporate more and more of these fundamentals it became more and more difficult to combine all them into one smooth action. This course wasn’t about pistol marksmanship at all, but all about firearms survival! Not something that a person can master in a single day or something that will remain once learned but something the requires more and continuous practice.

I’m not going to emphasize how much fun it was even though it was a lot of fun it wasn’t about that at all! I’m going to try my best to put it into my own perspective to the best of my abilities. These classes were all about firearms survival, real life pistol skills in last resort situations that focused on your ability to conduct tactics quickly and with combat accuracy from a normal casual dressed concealed carry mode. I wouldn’t consider myself novice to pistol shooting considering I’ve owned at least one handgun for last 8 years now and during that time especially during last 2 years I’ve gone to the gun range somewhat regularly. Despite all that and even acquiring an amount of accuracy I thought I was somewhat happy with until yesterday I realize that just in shooting regularly that I’ve been doing it all wrong. I could go to my local gun range tomorrow and look to my left and right and most likely I would then realize that all the other seasoned recreational pistol shooters there are doing it all wrong too. And when I say doing it all wrong, I mean what might be working for them standing still taking their time to take a shot at paper target I already know isn’t going to be sufficient when you’re presented with all the possible factors of a real life situation unless your lucky. I don’t know about you but in a what could be life or death situation in which you need to make a decision fast I don’t want to be banking on luck. Without going into too much detail of the course material this is what I got from the classes:

  • Grip & Stance seemingly so basic yet I imagine your average shooter with no kind of formal training could use some corrections. I did!
  • Drawing from a holster while seemingly falling right into that shooting stance nearly instantly and becoming a natural ability.
  • Drawing from the holster and firing 3-5 shots per second while maintaining combat accuracy.
  • Engaging multiple targets while incorporating all of the above.
  • Performing both combat and tactical reloads while continuously engaging multiple targets.
  • Shooting while moving at the same time as applying all of the above.
  • Clearing stoppages while staying in the gun fight, and even worked up to the ability to all this one-handed!

Can you do all of that right now? I know I couldn’t before but I did all of this weekend. And believe it or not I actually intentionally left a few things out that I think should be a surprise to those interested and out of respect of honestly believing what the Battle Road guys are doing is highly different.

Class atmosphere, when counting both classes I had anywhere from 4 to 10 classmates and a total of 4 instructors at all times which allowed for lots of 1 on 1 time with the instructors to help you make corrections to what you might be doing wrong. I’m imagine you’d have to be a really skilled person to not do something wrong because you start very basic and are continuously incorporating more and more.

Now if you a person that owns a handgun simply because you like to punch holes in paper solely for recreational purposes, I say keep on doing on doing what you’re doing and I’ll be praying that that’s all you’ll ever need.

But… If you’re a person that honestly clings to your right to bear arms because you believe that is important that you’re able to defend yourself should the situation ever arise then this class is for you! If you’re a current CHL holder and have never had any formal pistol training similar to what is described here I highly recommend that if you can’t attend a Battle Road class due to distance you find a similar one in your area! I realize that we have members and even many more guest readers (lurkers) from all across the country but before you commit to anything really investigate the cost because if you do your research I’m highly confident you’ll find that taking such classes that Battle Road offers will cost you about 4-6 times as much for the equivalent or highly similar training. I drove 3 1/2 hours for this I would honestly drive much further especially knowing what I’m getting.

Now that I’ve done all that you might be wondering if I could I do all this right now? I’m confident that I could. But could I do all that I learned this weekend a month from now without working towards bettering myself and continuous practice, absolutely not! Matter of fact it would be an epic failure. But I’m not going to be that guy, Battle Road USA gave me something I could take home with me and while I was able to do things that quite honestly amazed me that I was able to learn in just a day, I did not in a few days time become a perfectionist. I did however learn a new skill in which it is now up to me on how I perfect it.

Self taught victim of circumstance educated by experience while operating on observation. A mere product of what society has crafted me to be.