Possible SHTF and EOTW Events

Post SHTF EOTW Events Copyright : Joerg Michael Gehrke

I suppose most people overlook the fact that a SHTF event for you might not be a SHTF disaster for the rest of the world. Examples of this would be death in the family, sudden illness or disability, or even losing your job!

Then we have rather common natural disasters that are seemingly increasing and I believe might be some scientific backing to support the theory that disasters are on the rise.

The above should be considered a most likely scenario and having full face gas mask and underground bunker might not do you much good for one of those events. Sometimes I worry that people might be overlooking the obvious when it comes to getting prepared.

Economic Collapse is something that has recently in the past few years been concerning a lot of people and it’s probably one of the more possible scenarios. A collapse of a strong global economy affects the entire world so wouldn’t it leave each and every nation of the globe that much more vulnerable to its enemies? The true world powers have an ability to disguise just how bad the situation really is therefore they know more so than the average Joe just how long they got before its ugly. At least they should have a better idea than me or you. Imagine if you had an enemy that wants to do you harm and knew you’re arms was about to be tied behind your back, what would you do? Could this have anything to do with the recent increase in military tensions around the world?

Which brings me to the possibility of World War 3. Imagine all the dictators, leaders, presidents, and prime ministers of the world as a group of people in a room with weapons pointed at each other while conspiring against each other and making threats. Some have better weapon while others are playing on both sides sooner or later somebody is going to act. Unless something else happens before hand I think another world war is almost inevitable, and I also think that other events such as Economic Collapse could play a part in triggering such a war.

Coronal Mass Ejection or CME’s have the power to completely knock out the entire power grid on the globe and it’s just yet another thing that scientist say is matter of when rather than if.
Within weeks, backup generators at nuclear power plants would have run down, and the electric pumps that supply water to cooling ponds, where radioactive spent fuel rods are stored, would shut off. Multiple meltdowns would ensue. “Imagine 30 Chernobyls across the U.S.,” says electrical engineer John Kappenman, an expert on the grid’s vulnerability to space weather. A CME big enough to take out a chunk of the grid is what scientists and insurers call a high-consequence, low-frequency event. Many space-weather scientists say the Earth is due for one soon. Although CMEs can strike anytime, they are closely correlated to highs in the 11-year sunspot cycle. The current cycle will peak in July 2013.

EMP: The Next Weapon of Mass Destruction?
If America needs a new threat around which to organize its defenses, try this one: Bad guys explode nuclear weapons miles above U.S. soil, sending out an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that fries the electronic guts of everything in America. The nation’s financial and transportation systems collapse, hospitals and the Internet go dark, water and electrical grids freeze and runaway Toyotas with electronic throttles are finally brought to a stop. “The EMP resulting from the blast would cause widespread damage, devastating the economy and resulting in the deaths of millions of Americans,” the hawkish Heritage Foundation warned last week, launching a call on Congress to establish an EMP Recognition Day.
Read more: http://www.time.com/time/nation/arti…#ixzz1cwnVl3Aq

And there is still a whole wide array of possible things that could happen that I didn’t even bother to mention quite frankly because I figured this would get a good topic started and give others a chance to add to list of possibilities and discuss those already mentioned.

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