Reasons To Prep For Tomorrow

reasons to prep

Prepping Motivators: Reasons to Prep For Tomorrow

Because Nobody Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring

Over the years the prepping movement has really picked up steam and became more main stream. Despite the increase in the movement preppers are still misunderstood. Contrary to popular beliefs not all reasons to prep consist of a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theory. Motivators to prep might be extreme far-fetched possibilities but there as just many logical reasons to prep. Believing something can’t possibly happen is more worrisome to me than somebody who is concerned about the more less likely scenarios.

For the sake of the argument I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be some of the most common prepping motivators.

Our Ancestors Did It.

Today what is to be considered as prepping was a normal way of life for our grandparents. Modern society has crafted us into the convenience of having Super Wal-Marts and convenience stores at our disposal. Preppers acknowledge the vulnerability of such convenience.

The Government Preps.

Not only does the government prep but they also encourage citizens to prepare as well. The United States falls short on preparedness versus other countries that have bunkers for their citizens. Remember when the CDC released that Zombie Preparedness? Notice how the website has preparedness topics covering Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Blast. Katrina flooding aftermath disaster is a good example on why we shouldn’t rely on the Government to save us in a disaster.

Violent Protest

Think of the riots of Ferguson, Missouri most likely being the most noteworthy of recent riot type events. Current events have highlighted the division of our country rather than the unity we dream of. As a result of various movements we’ve seen thus far speculation hints at an increase in public displays of dissatisfaction.

Economic Collapse

At the time of writing this the economic situation is looking fairly promising but how long that will last is anyone’s guess. Different factors affecting the economy in a negative ways over the past decade has shown instability. Following current world events teaches us everything around the world can affect our economy.

Job Loss

People lose jobs for many different reasons. Company’s downsize, go under, or health related issues limit a person’s ability to work. One could be injured in a car wreck and be temporarily disabled. Decent supplies of emergency food storage and being more self-sufficient can ease some of the burden.

Avoiding GMO Foods

Recently there has been a surge in those trying to get away from eating Genetically Modified Foods. Having your own gardens and raising livestock gives you better control of what kind of food your family eats.

Death Of A Family Member

Just like losing a job the death of family member can impact your family significantly. In addition to losing somebody most near and dear to you could very well be losing a much-needed income.

Natural Disasters

Floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes unexpectedly affect people everyday. Most people will be affected by some form of natural disaster in their life-time.

Electrical Grid Failures

Population is growing on an electrical infrastructure designed when the population was lower. Time will tell how well the electrical infrastructure can sustain the growth in population. Electrical grids have also been proven to be vulnerable to both solar flares and terrorism as well.

World War 3

Calling it World War 3 because it’s difficult to envision anything less if our homeland is invaded by foreign troops. Let’s welcome the invaders with our rifles behind every blade of grass.


9/11 Changed the world and extremist have infiltrated and blended in with our free society. Enemies of America are among us planning attacks against us! Suitcase nukes and biological weaponry like anthrax will be the terrorism of tomorrow.

Solar Flares

1 in 8 Chance of Catastrophic Solar Megastorm by 2020

Nuclear Catastrophe

United States has 61 operating nuclear plants with 99 reactors in 30 different states. Fukushima should have been a big wake up call. As a result of other natural disasters our Nuclear Facilities here are just as vulnerable.


End of the world pandemics probably won’t be as fun as a zombie virus. Instead of zombies concerning pandemics such as Zika, Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and things of that nature are concerning. In addition to all the pandemics we’re already aware of seems like new ones pop up every few years.

Perks to Prepping.

Thinking of each scenario alone doesn’t seem like much of a motivator but a combination of all possibilities that could affect you are the reasons to prep that should be obvious. Because being totally unprepared leaves us vulnerable to all those possible scenarios. In conclusion preparedness even in the most basic levels gives us a sense of security. Furthermore it feels good believing that you’re better equipped to deal with a disaster as a result of prepping.



Self taught victim of circumstance educated by experience while operating on observation. A mere product of what society has crafted me to be.