Ruger 10/22 Ultimate Survival Rifle?

survival rifle

I’ve recently been eye balling a Ruger 10/22 to purchase and it seems like owning one could serve so many useful purposes in a SHTF Survival Situation. I really like the large amount of tactical scale mods they have for the rifle. The possibilities are endless, just look at for example. And considering you can get 500+ round boxes of quality .22LR ammo for less than $20 bucks you could quickly build a large ammo stockpile relatively cheap. Sure I wouldn’t being using .22LR caliber anything for self-defense purposes but the way I do see is a person well-practiced with a .22 is more dangerous to an untrained person with a AK47. I figure that having a .22LR will make going to the range that much worth my fee to use the range as I could easily spend all day without breaking the bank. Typically when I go to the range it’s for about 4 hours or so and I spend anywhere from $100-$150 on ammo. I want to make my Ruger 10/22 more styled like a tactical assault rifle as I feel like it would be a good rifle for training/teaching my friends and family for using the other real assault rifles of the higher calibers such as the .223’s and the 7.69×39. I’m trying to avoid all electronic optic scopes and red dots on my rifles completely as they won’t serve much good once I run out of batteries in the post apocalyptic world. So I’m not going to be placing a $400+ scope on a $200 rifle but I would like the scope I do use on it to be similar to the ones used on my AR15 so it makes others in the family who might practice with one get used to the other with more ease.

As for the long-term use in a survival situation I figure having the right set up on the rifle would allow you to practice with the .22 and benefit from your accuracy with it and roll over to being skilled with your more high-powered assault rifle without wasting the ammo you need for defensive purposes. Also .22 is a sufficient caliber (ideal really) for killing small game after all you want the kill to still be intact so you can take the meat off the bone after it is cooked and not have to pick up the scatter pieces of the rabbit you just shot with 00 buckshot.

Do you own a Ruger 10/22? What is your take on its reliability and its usefulness for a long-term survival situation ASTHF? You can either comment below or take part in the related forum topic found here:

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