Ruger American Rifle For Hunting

Ruger American

I just purchased a Ruger American Rifle chambered in 30-06 and hopefully it’s going to help me put some deer meat in the freezer this winter.

I’m finally plunging into the whole hunting thing this year and while personally boycotting Remington I was seeking out an affordable hunting rifle while attempting to get most bang for my buck. I looked and research a few different models and decided to buy the 4th Ruger firearm I’ve ever owned.

I mounted a Redfield Revenge 4x12x42mm with the Accu-Range Hunter reticule with Leupold Medium Rings. The Ruger American Rifle comes with a mount base but with this set-up this scope is barely and I mean just barely long enough to accommodate the location in which the base forces the rings to mount. The rear ring is covering the 4-12x magnification numbers and the front ring is litterally on the edge where the scope tube begins to expand. But it’s on there and I really like this scope!

Everything I’ve read about the American Rifle says that it’s highly accurate in comparison to other rifles in it’s class. It’s really light weight with it’s synthetic stock before I put the scope on I bet it weighed less than 7lbs. Both my AR’s are heavier. I shot a 1″ group at about 80 yards (just guessing here) and I’m fairly confident once I really get a feel for it I can get the same kind of grouping at 200.

I’ll be honest, being a 30-06 and the lack of weight to the rifle I was a little worried that I was going to find the recoil too much but after 12 shots it really wasn’t bad at all. The stock has a really foamy type cushioning that seems to work really well. I’ll see about adding some pics of it tomorrow with the scope mounted.

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