Sig Sauer M400 Main Battle Rifle

Battle Rifles Sig Sauer M400

So I’ve been browsing, researching and saving for a new AR15 for a while now and I just got this new Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced OD Green AR. I look at many AR platforms of models available at my local gun shops and price versus features the best deal within my price range was this model which I got for 1k. Some of the other models that turned me away was things like the upper and lower receiver not seating tightly and on others I just didn’t like the way the feedramps was tapered. I did like the feel of the collapsible butt stock better on the Bushmaster’s and S&W MP15’s versus the M400 magpul stock but that was the only con I found in my comparison.

THE SIG M400 SERIES ENHANCED RIFLE, is designed for use in law enforcement, military operations, the sporting field, as well as competitive shooting. The SIG M400 is a true AR platform tactical rifle with unparalleled accuracy. A 16” chrome-lined and phosphate coated barrel provides superior corrosion resistance, and a 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum forged lower receiver adds to the durability and reliability that users come to expect from SIG SAUER. This OD version with Black upper and lower receiver, OD Green polymer Magpul MOE forend, grip and collapsible stock.

Update May 13 2012:

I’ve now put about 200 rounds thru the M400. I shot American Eagle 5.56, Rem .223 55gr FMJ, Rem .223 JHP 50gr, PMC Bronze .223 55gr, American Eagle .223 55gr and some Winchester PDX1 .223 Defender HP 60gr all without any issue. It was really windy and I had a problem with my targets taking off into the wind, my spotter scope wasn’t working too well and I didn’t have my wife with me to assist with identifying shot placement to zero. The above targets was 100 yards with the iron sights not sure what all ammo types as I really can’t recall which I was using with what targets.

So far I’m really happy with rifle and I’ve got some hopefully soon I’ll have my surefire light, red dot sight, foregrip, and sling added soon as they arrive.

The only issue I’ve found so far to be somewhat of a con on the Sig Sauer M400 is on the rear flip-up sight the windage knob can be accidentally turned while flipping the sight up as it takes a good deal of force to flip it up.

Update May 26 2012:

So I made it out to the range again today and once again it was super windy about 15mph but at least this time the wind was more straight towards us. Last time I went I was mainly focusing on making sure the rifle fired everything I fed it well and I didn’t keep track of what rounds was seemingly hitting the paper in pieces while others seemed to be spinning unnaturally but I suspect they was the various hollow points I tested.

This time I didn’t use the hallow point rounds at all and mainly fired bulk box .223 Remington UMC 55 gr FMJ which seemed to work well. The above targets is 200 yards on the left and 100 yards on the right.

As you can see I’ve added some accessories to my Sig Sauer M400 battle rifle. This is what’s been added to my rifle:

  • Magpul MOE Vertical Grip
  • Magpul MSA Attachment Point
  • Magpul MS3 Multi Mission Sling
  • UTG 1″ Riser 3 slot with Quick Disconnect
  • Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 1x Red Dot Sight
  • UTG Quick Disconnect Swivel with 1″ loop
  • Magpul Illumination Kit
  • Surefire Model 951 Tactical Light

Unfortunately I didn’t receive all items including the Red Dot sight until after I got back from the range today so I didn’t get to test it out. But with the 1″ riser I’ve been able to co-witness the red dot with my iron sights and I believe that it should have a fairly good zero with the iron sights.

Update 2016:


Since the original purchase I’ve added a Troy Rail that I generally keep a Surefire light attached to. I also have upgraded from a the old Bushnell red dot to an EoTech on my Sig Sauer M400.

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