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So I really thought I had my heart set on a Ruger SR9 but was still considering getting a Glock 17. So I went to Gander Mountain, now I know Gander Mountain has a little bit more of a higher price and I typically buy all my ammo from Academy but I find the Gander Mountain staff in the firearms section to have better knowledge of what they’re trying to sell me. They was completely out of SR9’s but I did get to look at a SR40 and while I liked the more straight down grip that’s more like the 1911 models it just didn’t feel as good in my hand as I felt it should. I really don’t care for all that flashy chrome either but I was more concerned with long-term reliability and accuracy than anything.

So I then moved over to looking at a Glock and I’ve shot Glocks before and found them to highly accurate compared to other semi-auto pistols of the same size and caliber. But first off I absolutely can’t stand the factory sites on a Glock I prefer the 3 dots myself and the Glock grip does feel really comfortable in my hand but in a quick aim situation I’m always pointing more downward because of the angle of the grip. Not to mention the Glock was $100 more than the Ruger SR9.

So at this point I’ve decided that I’m going to go try to see if Academy has the Ruger SR9 that I’m looking that was actually recommended I do by the female firearms expert (yeah she was cool) working in the store. Then her co-worker who was assisting the counter brought out the Springfield Armory XD 9mm Tactical and I was actually very hesitant to even bother with it but I did and am very glad that I did because I really like the way it fit into my hand and it had the features that I was looking for. But I did have to sleep on it, I went home and did some research before returning to the store to put a deposit on it with their layaway. What really won me over was the 5″ barrel (longer range accuracy), night sights, extra magazine and accessories that made the price (same as the Glock) highly justifiable in my opinion.

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