Strength In Numbers With Survival Groups

Strength In Numbers

The Strength In Numbers Debate

Things to consider about Survival Groups

So no matter what stage you’re in with getting prepared, if you’re reading this you probably have some curiosity about whether or not a survival group is best for you. For the most part I’m against a survival group, but I do realize that under certain circumstances a survival group might be the best thing for some individuals. Strength in numbers has it’s advantages but caution should be used.

First off let me make it clear that when I refer to a survival group I’m talking about a group of family and/or friends and not talking about individual families such as the spouse and children. I’m not suggesting any person leave the wife and kids behind to be eaten by the zombies so you can make a clean getaway.

Weighing in the pros & cons.

I’d like to take a minute to go over what I feel is the pros and cons of having such a group versus being a lone wolf and then we will get into assessing if a group is right for you. I think most people who make the decision of getting involved with a group tend to look at all the positive things a group can offer without properly weighing in the potential negatives of being with a group.

Some of the good things about a survival group would include support system and companionship, extra resources, diversified skill sets, and most importantly increased security or strength in numbers.

A SHTF scenario might be a tough ordeal to go thru alone and having some other people around might help prevent you from losing hope. Lets remember here that only the strong will survive and you’ve got to maintain the will survive so this is something a group setting might help with.

There has been a recent surge in the shear amount of people who are getting prepared and I think a lot of that is do that individuals are worried that the future is looking grim. Many of the people who are now preparing are trying to prepare on limited budgets and having a group allows everybody to pull their resources together. It’s probably cheaper within the group because you can purchase items in bulk that saves everybody money.

Another good thing about a group is most people don’t have a wide array of skill sets and within a group you might have doctors, mechanics, military, police, carpenters, and farmers. Even the average Joe will likely know a little bit about this or that which could come in handy in a survival situation.

Having multiple people qualified with firearms and weapons would be beneficial and decrease your odds of getting out gunned or out numbered by the massive hordes of zombies, looters, gangs, etc. Believe it or not after SHTF happens you’ll have to eventually sleep and it would be nice to know somebody with a long gun is standing watch over you while you rest. Deciding if these benefits of having strength in numbers out weigh the concerns can be tough.

The concerns & disadvantages.

Wow, after all that you’re probably thinking how could I say no to joining a survival group? So lets talk about some of the disadvantages that go along with being with a group such as resource usage and rationing, conflicts, leadership, and most importantly trust and commitment.

Because you have a group you’ll need that much more resources and will go thru the available resources that much more quickly. It might be ok at first, but once the need arises to have to start scavenging for supplies its highly likely that you

will not be able to scavenge the amount of supplies needed to sustain a large group. When the supplies start to run low what do you do when you think its time to start rationing the supplies and other members of the group want to proceed as is?

There isn’t too many people in this world that completely get along with others for an extended amount of time, I don’t think that makes anybody a bad person it’s just human nature. In a survival situation important decisions will be being made that could affect life and well-being and chances are not everybody within the group are always going to agree which makes a high likelihood of arguments and disagreements.

Structure of the group.

Who’s going to be boss, and can you honestly stomach somebody else making all the important decisions when you and your family’s life is on the line? This is something everybody should think long and hard about if considering a survival group.

We’re talking about a disaster here, an all out SHTF event which will likely bring out the worst in the some of the best people. We live in a time where people do mean and hurtful things to people they love without being in a desperate situation. When the rule of law is thrown out the window one can expect it would occur more frequently. Can you trust the people or anybody for that matter during such a time?

Self taught victim of circumstance educated by experience while operating on observation. A mere product of what society has crafted me to be.