Bug Out Bags: Designing A Basic Survival Kit

Bug Out Bags

Carefully Choosing The Contents of Your Bug Out Bags

Some items are simply not worth the extra weight!

The items in your bug out bag should be personal choices and be things most suitable as what is required for your survival however I get the impression that most people start building their bug out bags with good intentions and drift off into a extreme survival pack. I think we lose focus that the bug out bag is intended for a 3 day survival and then we feel like 3 days isn’t adequate and we end up with a creation more designed for a hike to the top of Mount Everest.

Even myself personally I want to be able to get more than 72 hours out of my BOB but realistically depending on the person and their needs 3 to 5 days is about the maximum you’re going to get out of a bag while maintaining a manageable weight. So let discuss things that a person might add to their bug out bag that serves no reasonable need for short term survival.

Here’s a list of things I see people commonly going overboard with:

Gun’s and Ammo: Let’s be realistic here and not just preparing for the zombie apocalypse but the more realistic type of disaster that would have the most likelihood of happening to you. I would say that this greatly depends on location and examples of disasters would be hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, floods and things like that. I say bring only what you’d have with you for a EDC for self defense purposes only not to be waging wars against mass gangs of looters. However I do realize that their could possibly be a event take place in where such a bag would be needed and I suggest having a separate bag such as a range bag ready to go if the situation requires such.

First Aid: Let’s remember that this bag is designed for a few days and not to provide first aid for the rest your lifetime, I think first aid is another thing people go to extreme with when adding first aid kits to their bags.

Knives: How many do you really need? Now a good multi-tool is great to have and typically from what I’ve seen the multi-tools blades generally aren’t very good at all so a additional folding knife and quite possibly a fixed blade knife seems reasonable. Anything beyond that is IMHO a little much for the given purpose.

Tools: Hatchets and machetes maybe but a bunch of other tools like crowbars, hammers and stuff like that really isn’t needed for survival and shouldn’t be added to have a useless item weighing you down.

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