Where I’m At With My Preps

my preps

First of all I never really anticipated going this far with preparedness well at least some aspects of it but I find myself increasingly becoming more and more fascinated with higher levels of preparedness. I’m talking beyond the food, guns and ammo aspect, still a good ways away from buying solar panels and going completely off the grid. Despite the wants of more prepper like living you’ll probably never hear me consider myself to be a prepper, I just don’t like that label. It doesn’t reflect who I really am or maybe it does and I’m just not okay with it.

During my course of improving preparedness I’ve consistently found myself being limited to this or restricted by that, most of which is directly due to my living situation. About a year and half ago we moved from city with a population of over 100k to a small town with population just over 3k and we loved it. Over time I realize that it still isn’t country enough for me but most importantly the move also made us more vulnerable to the most likely disaster, hurricanes.

So I’ve personally made it my biggest priority to fix that and have been looking at various locations across the state to purchase land and also researching the job markets. Until I get that out-of-the-way there is many things I’d like to be doing to better prepare that just aren’t feasible for me to engage in yet. I haven’t and won’t stop prepping in certain aspects. A few things that I’ll continue to do would include:

  • Increasing firepower – I plan to eventually acquire 2 more pistols, another AR platform, a shotgun and lastly something more for deer hunting. Not forgetting the lead projectiles to go with them.
  • Increasing food & water – I’ve gotten to where I’m limited space but will continue to purchase dry foods such as beans & rice and possibly even focus more on freeze-dried meals.
  • Small scale gardening – I most likely will not attempt to increase the size of our small little garden but continue with gardening mainly for practice, lol.

That’s pretty much it on where I’m at right now with my preps. Now where are you with your preps? Have you run into obstacles preventing you from advancing further?

Aside from finding a more suitable location to call home the new year is coming up and I hope to be able to focus more on learning more skills & improving others.

I’d like to become more skilled in first aid.

I’m very excited about the upcoming Zombie Destruction Run and am hoping to get more time & opportunities to enhance my experience with more practical real life firearms usage.

Time is a big barrier for me being more involved and the older I get the less thrilled I am to have a fat check with 20+ hours of overtime versus the sacrifices made with family life. I realize my 8-year-old son is getting to a crucial age where it becomes more difficult to mold him to have a love for outdoors, fishing and camping.

Self taught victim of circumstance educated by experience while operating on observation. A mere product of what society has crafted me to be.