Zombie Destruction Run & Gun

Although the official event is tomorrow, I got the much appreciated opportunity to run the event today and it was totally awesome! Alonso, Scout and the rest of the BattleRoad guys really did a great job with this Zombie Destruction Run. I’m writing this post off my laptop which I hate to type on so I’ll make this short for now.

They said it was 3 1/2 miles for the total zombie run course and I didn’t run it all as I found it hard to run & reload mags at the same time but I can tell you that after all that heavy breathing it feels like something in my lungs has broken loose from those 14 or so years of smoking just waiting to cough up.

The obstacles were fun! Some of the shooting positions was challenging. Stand on a very small square shoot a target from around walls and trees! Some shots had to be fired from a very small hole in a wall that unless you slanted an AR while shooting your sight picture would be blocked. Some guys running non AR style rifles without optics didn’t have this problem due to an overall shorter sight height. This is just an example of the advantages and disadvantages other weapons had.

When I got to the regular range shooting stationary targets while not being completely out of breath I always would consider myself a much better rifle marksman than I am good with a pistol. But today was very different, I was actually very happy with my pistol accuracy but that is because as I learned today it’s much easier to keep a steady sight picture with a pistol than a rifle when your breathing heavy.

I also got to work one of the pistol stations while Alonso went thru and he’s a super fast sharpshooter.

In the next few days I’m sure Alonso will be sharing some cool photos/video of us at the event.

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